Car Navigation: GPS & Maps App Reviews

7 add


Your app continually crashes, cant purchase anything. Wont sync as promised. Want my money back!!

worst possible customer support

horrible customer support!! hope it works or youll be on your own buying probably the most expensive app out there


Cant get it to speak English! The worst

Wont even load a map

Got it for the Range Rover navigation and it wont even load maps on phone 6 ios9

Sygic car

The program does not work with the new car Honda Baadalthadit screen

Total Garbage - Do Not Buy!

This can be streamed to the Land Rover screen but is low res, slow/lags, traffic service does not work, search capabilities are extremely poor. Huge waste of money - do not buy!

App Crashes

The app crashes when you try and buy any in-app purchases. I have tried an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s with iOS 9.3.1. I reported the issue 5 April and after 5 days have not received a response.


Works great as intended


Even at a discount lifetime updates on this product is still hugely expensive. The UI for entering an address is awkward to use. I couldn’t dictate and address to it. I mean my UVO Navigation in my KIA worked better. AND to add insult to injury instead of expanding their current GPS offering they made a new product requiring you pay all over again. I’ll stick to the other products I have out there. At least they had a 7 day trial of this product.


Aplocaion good


Very good app one of the best ones I’ve ever seen really enjoy it

We will see...

So far so good.

Great App

Just getting started but like it so far!


Great graphics.

So far, so good!

Needs a little work working with apple car play. Found voice commands a little off, like the software can’t distinguish commands. I’ll try it out during the trial.

Wouldn’t recommend

Was anxiously awaiting this app. First if you purchased the other app thinking it would work with CarPlay you will have to buy again. Next the voice navigation is horrible text to speech technology from 20yrs ago. Finally in CarPlay you can’t enter destinations because of the microphone feature doesn’t work even after allowing access and the keyboard is disabled for safety reasons. Don’t waste your money on this. Much anticipated and very disappointing. I’ve purchased Multiple Sygic apps in the past and this one is not up to the historical standards.

Great App to use!

Great app! It is very easy to use with it’s intuitive interface. Voice directions are easy to understand and timely.

Sygic will nickel and dime you.

After the announcement that iOS12 will open up CarPlay to 3rd party developers, I decided to invest in the Sygic navigation app in preparation for the release after the company released a statement stating they are going to support CarPlay . After spending $$$$ in the app, the travel app, I was extremely disappointed in finding out that Sygic will not be updating the current gps apps for CarPlay compatibility but now I have to spend more $$$ on a separate navigation app just for CarPlay? They are shady. I wouldn’t give them another dime.....

Very Good Intro to Apple CarPlay

Most of the features work as advertised with a couple of exceptions: 1) Voice guidance is not working (Not working on Apple Maps either) 2) No lane guidance 3) No current speed indicators Traffic updates are accurate More to come after another test drive...... Update for those complaining about the price... There are a few times a year that Sygic offers steep discounts on their apps.


It’s a great app and allows you to get maps of different states and other countries.

Not many countries in list.

Just downloaded the app, but couldn’t find Pakistan map in Asia Category. Limited countries.

Sygic GPS

I thought that my 2017 Ford Fusions SE Sync 3 system, combined with my iPhone X, and google maps couldn’t get any better as far as gps goes. Then I tried Sygic. WOW!!! If there were mire stars I would give them all. I really enjoy the seamless interface between all of my technology when I need to use GPS in my car. Great job Sygic!! I highly recommend.

So far so good

Excellent interface

Awesome App!

I just wish they have things like lane assist and warnings if you’re trying to change lanes and there’s a car in your blind spot or if you’re following too closely, etc

Good gps, however super expensive!

So this app actually connects well with my car pioneer radio, however it’s just a 7 day trail and if I want to continue car connectivity I have to pay $74.99. I think that’s just a little ridiculous that I HAVE TO PAY $75 dollars. When a friend had received a premium account for about $16.99.

Not worth buying

This review is based on my use with CarPlay. Cons: -The map interface is no better than the 3 major free Nav apps, google maps, Waze or Apple maps. Maybe a little worse - Lane guidance is very unclear - Spoken direction does not include street name - No turn by turn list.(in other apps you can see the list on your phone screen) - Final destinations were totally wrong for me - No street or highway I’m presently on shown - Contact lookup for drive-to does not work. Only saw a handful of my 400 contacts - Search is very slow Pros: - Map movement response is quick. No lag - Maps are on-board In conclusion, unless you MUST have on-board maps this app is not worth the high cost and the value is not there. Especially since you can download off-line maps on google. I’ve been using this app for the trial period. See no justification for buying for 75 bucks.

Detailed Graphics in CarPlay

This nav app will really make yourCarPlay screen pop! Detailed info!

Finally with CarPlay support

So far so good!

CarPlay Version Issues

In the new CarPlay version I have found two issues so far. First the blue color of some lakes is not displaying properly. The second is in advanced volume settings the fade music and volume control in non functional. Please fix these issues.

Awesome app

This is a great app for the car

Another bad app.

Downloaded app tried it, looked promising but the app had a bad design flaw. Entering destination address is completely confusing. Not worth the free download. They then want $79 for the premium version? Take a hike. Apple, Google, Waze are MUCH MUCH better. They actually work.

5 stars

I like soo much it’s the best


Love it

Needs Work for Apple Car Play

Quirky. Screen doesn't match iPhone in terms of (needed) presented data. On a route, at a stop sign the image rotates left, or right, away from the traveled direction. Weird directions at times. Sometimes alternate route options appear, mostly they don't. Until this app grows up, I will stick with Waze.

Great app

Glad it’s available for carplay

Used in Brazil and connected to my Car Play

Too bad. Locked my Ipnho x, Locked the Screen several times, does not find streets correctly, is slow, and takes to signal, has better, pay for it and an absurd plot, when I have the other complete version that is not the problem, a complete absurd E Uma porcaria, ele trava, nao localiza corretamente as ruas, travou car play todas as vezes, muito ruim, e pior tenho versão completa do Sygic e ainda tenho que pagar novamente meu deus ladrao. Nao vou pagar tudo novamente.

Very nice esp with car play

Very nice working navigation app incl offline maps. Esp when driving through the upper peninsula this is a clear pro

Now with CarPlay!!!

Wow just keeps getting better!!

جيد جدا

يحتاج اضافة خرائط الصحراء

Works Well

Since Land Rover refuses to use CarPlay, I had to use their InControl system. I didn’t know what to think of it at first, but I’ve come to enjoy it. Sygic has a good thing here; clear directions, real-time-traffic, constantly updated maps. It feels like any major 3rd party nav system would.


Best option for Carplay

Sygic Nav

Free updates? CarPlay? Awesome!!

Best for me

Use in California which is a state that you really need a map app. This is the best.


Best app


I am solely giving this one star for pricing. 74.99 for Premium just so you can connect to Car Play that’s insane. Waze and Google Maps are free. I can see a 15.00 or 20.00 price tag but 75.00 no thank you.

Seems good so far

Will Do more testing and update review later

First time user, know the only app for me

I have to say this app is fun and the options are fun additions to ha e on my nav system I would suggest that everyone gives this app a try

Decent App pioneer compatibility

I like the app, but trying to use with my pioneer touch screen is painful at times. Sometimes I just have to use on my phone because of the issues with freezing up or trying to navigate. Hoping developer and pioneer will team up to correct in the very near future.

Not ready for prime time

It’s not worth what I paid for it. And I have the free version.

I’m gonna try

Gonna give it a try

Great App and user friendly

Excellent 3D screen and fast response, keep up the features and bug fixes


Love it

Great detail

Excited to have a synchronized map for my new Land Rover. Everything I see looks awesome. I hope the product lives up to expectations over the long haul.

I hope it’s good

We will see

Add iraq map

Please add iraq map to this app Cz its the only app that work in my Range Rover evogue Please add iraq map In standard app there is iraq map But does not work with range rover app

Love it

Great app

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