Car Navigation: GPS & Maps App Reviews

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Your app continually crashes, cant purchase anything. Wont sync as promised. Want my money back!!

worst possible customer support

horrible customer support!! hope it works or youll be on your own buying probably the most expensive app out there


Cant get it to speak English! The worst

Wont even load a map

Got it for the Range Rover navigation and it wont even load maps on phone 6 ios9

Sygic car

The program does not work with the new car Honda Baadalthadit screen

Total Garbage - Do Not Buy!

This can be streamed to the Land Rover screen but is low res, slow/lags, traffic service does not work, search capabilities are extremely poor. Huge waste of money - do not buy!

App Crashes

The app crashes when you try and buy any in-app purchases. I have tried an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s with iOS 9.3.1. I reported the issue 5 April and after 5 days have not received a response.

Great app

Love it

Great app

Very tech friendly love this app!!! Would like to see more from this developer. You will enjoy this app also.

Love this gps

Is easy to use and work good



Pretty Nifty App

This app seams to be a great resource for anybody needing free navigation. Lots of great features and cool tools


Like this app

Very good

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Excellent map with great graphic use and easy lane/split turn instructions.


I have not had a chance to use it yet but set up was easy.

Rental car usage

So far so good, really cool app for an unknown area.

Great App

This is the best navigation app on the market. Download it now.


Not a user friendly app. Have still not been able to put in an address to have it navigate to a destination. Support never responds to emails. Spent lot$ of money on apps that don’t work

Offline maps

Love that you can download maps and use them offline

Better, work offline

You can download required map n use offline

Maps & Navigation

Great program!


Works grear

Móvil Versión Is More Complete

The current version of the phone is much more complete. This car version looks like the iOS 5. Please update and I'll pay anything for the connection to the car 😊

Nice Map App

It’s working perfect in Miami


Nice gps app

Don’t know yet

Just downloaded it so...

I think if you make free maybe it’s better for us



looks like a great app...... more later



Worked great!


Great Map Appo

Awesome! Easy to use.

Speed cameras

This is an awesome app !! Highly recommend this one folks!!!



Very user friendly and up to date maps!

Very easy to use and the maps are up to date!



Will update

Just started using this app. Will update review after more use.

Amazing app

Great navigation interface and amazing app. Easy to use!!!

Good soft

Many thanks for your good soft, very useful.

Great app

Very useful

great app

this app very informative


Excellent product 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


This Is exactly what I needed for my new car!



Excellent app

So many apps aren't worth having. This one is an exception.



So far ok great features

Can’t get it to connect with my 2015 Buick Verano help plz


Awesome so far

Very cool

Got with my new car

Very good

Very good

Free bonus

Free bonus for camera monitor

Great product

It will get you where you want to go

Free lifetime camera

I did not use the apps yet. I am happy with the free lifetime camera. I hope its work.

Good app

Good app

Great App, but too $$$ if only casual user

I love this App. I am picky when it comes to maps and navigation. It seems like a simple concept, but when using a map/Nav App., it seems that there’s always key components missing. This one is almost perfect, and I’ll talk about my small gripes in a minute. I’m a former Naval Aviator (USMC RET, UH-1W &Z), and primarily flew the Cobra, I’ve flown many other type of aircraft during my career, and good navigation was key. Now I don’t expect an App. to have military features, nor would many need them, but having the road very clearly defined, and as the center of the view is key. Many other map apps focus on a Birdseye view of the area, and roads are impossible to see in bright light. Mostly I use 3D option with north always up. Sometimes I need to know the bearing, course, and it has a handy compass at the bottom for reference. Along with traffic, HUD, and a few other goodies, it’s worth the $$. My car isn’t connected, but I have a WiFi dongle, which works just fine. This is far superior to my installed nav and paying Xm/Sirius almost the cost of this app per month for less features and accuracy. This company also makes another nav App. , that is much less expensive, offline maps, etc. but not as driver centric for those without connected cars. Cons: Please allow us to keep the destination address visible on the main screen. Many times I input from a piece of paper and forget the # or road name when halfway there. - better voice input. Waze has the Siri thing going where you say”Hey Waze”, but Waze isn’t as that good of an app unless you are connected to a ride share service. I’m sure there are others I haven’t mentioned, but otherwise I’m very pleased. Well done guys!

New app

New haven’t tried, will see.


Best application

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