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Your app continually crashes, cant purchase anything. Wont sync as promised. Want my money back!!

worst possible customer support

horrible customer support!! hope it works or youll be on your own buying probably the most expensive app out there


Cant get it to speak English! The worst

Wont even load a map

Got it for the Range Rover navigation and it wont even load maps on phone 6 ios9

Sygic car

The program does not work with the new car Honda Baadalthadit screen

Total Garbage - Do Not Buy!

This can be streamed to the Land Rover screen but is low res, slow/lags, traffic service does not work, search capabilities are extremely poor. Huge waste of money - do not buy!

App Crashes

The app crashes when you try and buy any in-app purchases. I have tried an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s with iOS 9.3.1. I reported the issue 5 April and after 5 days have not received a response.

Wooow Great

Awesome and accurate maps

Great Nav for Mustang

This is the app I have been looking for to use in my Mustang. Easy to use, great graphics.

Works good

Seems to work well

Just started

Looking forward to using this app

Doesn’t work with my Ford

I was all excited when I hear this app was available to work with the Sync 3 system in my 2017 Ford Fusion. Well, it doesn’t work. I connect it to my car using the USB cable (since I have an iPhone 7) and all that happens is that a message pops up saying “waiting for device,” but the app never displays on my car’s screen like it’s supposed to. I’ve reached out several times to the support department at Sygic but the advice they gave didn’t work and they haven’t answered my latest email in nearly a week. Thumbs down on this app! UPDATE: The app still isn’t working, and the support department keeps telling me to do the same things over and over, namely to send him a screenshot (done) and to restart the application, (done). None of their so-called solutions works, this thing just doesn’t work. I guess I foolishly expected their tech-support to be able to do something other than follow a pre-written script full of advice that had already tried on my own before contacting them. Wow.


Excellent maps !!! Keep up the good work!!

Good app

I think it's very good app

Cool Navigation App

Trying to figure out the ins and outs of the app but so far it looks pretty cool


I got the application about 6 days ago and have not use it. I do not if it works or not. However, when I downloaded does not explains additional charges after I was reading some actions that they do. Definitely do not want to pay additional and/or monthly charges. Please explain, thanks


Great free stuff!

Great app

Great potential just needs a better training manual, but gave my S550 the only thing I was really missing. Now the Wipple supercharger and my car and I will be complete 😜


Good one


It’s another Nav app but it work with my Jaguar F-Pace S!

So helpful

I love this app! The 3D view is the best!





Great App

Will be telling everyone about this great app


Add iraq please

Sygic app

Very nice app

Doesn’t work with Sync 3 v5.11

Not only does this not work with Sync3, its the worst navigation app I’ve seen to date! Don’t waste your time or money on this !

Can’t use in car

I have incontrol apps but the sygic I have that is full lifetime subscription won’t connect in the car as it should

Great maps

This version has a lot of map updates


I like this app



Phoenix Signs

So far I’m very excited. We will have to work with it a little more to determine how well it’s going to suit our purposes.

Not ready for primetime and treat your customers better.

Configuration made on the app do not flow to the car infotainment. Sent a question to support - No response. Paid a lot of money to be treated so poorly. Tried to configure voice on my phone to hear street names - but when connected to my sync 3 car system only a standard voice is available, so no street names. Tried to configure the side bar to see my speed etc, but again when connected to the car none of my changes show. I don’t suppose money can be returned for an app.

Great app nav.

Give 5 stars for SYGIC NAV.

Works good.

Testing out a new nav app. Want to see AppLink in action

Great app

Great app very useful!!

Sygic 13.1.4

I think Sygic 13.1.4is the best issue among the others. It is easy to use and well organized. Moreover it has green arrow to show the way you route to . This issue 13.1.4 needs only update maps especially Iraq . It is too small in size and has no details for more cities , new streets and buildings etc . I like this issue than others. I hope you will do that ,thank you


Very informative and user friendly

sweet getting a free gift

Wow opening the application and getting a free gift how cool is that!!!!

New user

Good so far

Good product

Works good thx

Combine Android & Apple subscription

I would give more stars but I had to pay for two lifetime licenses. One for Apple & one for Android. The first one I got was on a Note3 then upgraded and got me the iPhone 7. Called to see how come I couldn’t get on my account because I have supposedly a life time licensing. Well they told me that I would have to purchase one for the Apple. I told them after I had already paid for the Android a year and a half ago and didn’t have the phone any longer. They still told me I would still have to purchase one. Now I’m at another problem. I up graded and don’t have the phone any more and I was trying to put this on my iPad Pro. Well it’s telling me that I have to get on the iPhone that I had put it on and registered it the first time. So now I have paid for two lifetime licenses one over $45 & the other $40. Both supposed to be lifetime but I’m not to sure about it now. Now I have a iPhone 8+ and can’t use this lifetime license because I can’t authorize it on the first one I put it one. I do still have the receipts on both purchases. So almost $100.00 and can’t use either one. Donna


Maybe this is ok in Europe but it is worthless here in Dallas. Non intuitive. Convoluted interface. Can’t find a 40-year-old address. When connected to sync on my Lincoln navigator there is no voice command function. So if you were driving you can’t enter anything. Unlike Google or Waze or you can just say the address and it pulls it up, here you have to enter in a city into the city field and then wait for it to populate and then select the city, then it asks for the street number, but you can’t enter the street number until you’ve entered the street which is unseen as it’s after the street number so you have to scroll down to the street then you enter in the street name and then you have to select the right street name, then you go back up to the street number and it may or may not find that street number. Pathetic is a good way to describe this app. I don’t understand somebody paying a dollar for this much less the 70 or so dollars they want for it.



Great reliable app that deserves 6 star out of 5

Great reliable app that deserves 6 star out of 5. Thumb up

The best




Free map updates for life

Awesome free map updates for life for writing this review.


Bought this for my Ford Edge. Difficult to use efficiently and directions are poor at best. Hard to put in addresses or save locations. Can’t wait for Waze to get a sync app.

Easy so far

I’ll have to really look at the speed traps and road work before I up my rating.


Great app!

No Help Option Or Connectivity Instructions

Unable To Connect With 2018 Lexus IS 300.

Had downloaded and worked with it two days

Got it to work on my 2018 f 150 with the normal download. Thought I would get the pro version and share the app with my wife. Cannot share it with my wife and can’t get to work on my sync 3 without navigation version. Can you help, really don’t want this to be a waste of money.

Works great with my Land Rover

Use it for my Land Rover Evoque. Better than the original installed navigation.

Wow! Whatta map app.

I’ve upgraded from the iOS only version to link with my Ford APP to bring Sygic accuracy to my trips.


Great effort been done to get that full version


Easy to use

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